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Shipping / Delivery

Information about shipping, delivery and ordering from us.

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Returns / Exchanges

Returns and exchanges. How to handle them and our policies.

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Product FAQ

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Sizing Help

Help with referee equipment size selection, size advice and custom sized products. Not sure which size pants, sweater or pads you should order? We offer various sizing charts and can also help to advise you based on your build or other brands sizes.

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Payment / Cancellations

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Background / Contact Information

Information about our team, stores and how to get in touch.

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Puck Points Reward Program

Information about rewards and loyalty program.

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Care / Washing Instructions

Information about our stock availability, products and how to care for them.

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    Our live chat is typically the best way to get ahold of us. We reply pretty quick typically but if we don't get back to you right away we will ASAP!
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      If you have any questions regarding products, setting up an association discount, or custom items please give us a call.
      • Customer Service / Sales: +1 773 985 2260